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07 24 14: Homesick

Great day gorgeous!

If feels great to finally be back home. What I ment was back in our room. Hubby caught cough and colds a few days ago so Macarius and I had to transfer to my parents’ room. It sucks ‘cause we can’t sleep well and baby kept on crying every night. The only way to put him to sleep was to carry him (kalong). Since I don’t want my parents to carry him all the time, I make sure that I’m always or half awake.

I don’t know why but I don’t want them and my future mother-in-law to do things for me especially when it comes to my son. Am I being selfish? Territorial? Yes. I wouldn’t deny that. One more thing is that I don’t want my son and I, most especially, to get used to favors. Baka kasi pag nasanay ako maging tamad ako or mapalayo ang loob ng anak ko sakin. Ayoko yun mangyari. If there’s one person who my son should first look for and go to, that should be me and nob


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